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 Not Breaking, but Interesting News

10 November 2014

    The people of Mexico are tired too, Mr. Murrillo. Stop excusing your callously poor choice of words and start looking for a solution to the violence. #YaMeCanse de la corrupción y la soberbia.

  It’s about goddamn time. You can’t ask people to serve and then abandon them when they need you most. That's un-American and we can't have that.

  “It came after nearly 4 million comments flooded the Federal Communications Commission after Chairman Tom Wheeler formally proposed new Internet traffic rules in May.” <-- Well done, people. Please make note of this under: things we can accomplish when we all hop on the same team. Unity, bitches.

  Postal Service

Image Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images via the Los Angeles Times

  Social Security Numbers, yo. Those poor people’s lives have just been bent over and taken to town. Nobody deserves the administrative hell these folks are now going to have to endure. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of ironic considering how sketchy their service can be on any given day—at least in my neighborhood. Related: the last time I called my local post office, they left me on hold for over 15 minutes, hoping I’d hang up. Good thing I’m a tenacious little jerk when necessary.

  JK, guys. That thing last week apparently was not what a cyber raid looks like. At least, that’s what Tor is saying this beautiful Monday morning.

  West Africa still needs help and Google is stepping up. Lookin’ good, Googs.