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30 October 2014

    The plot thickens as more people start watching. Oh the irony.

  I find it curious that the world is so interested in one man’s sexual orientation. I admire Tim Cook’s openness and hope it helps stop the hate in some way.

  She’s right, the gaming industry ought to have her back since she—like many, many other women and girls—is a faithful consumer.

Bonus Links


Glass Image Source: siliconbeat

  Captain Obvious called and asked me to remind you that no one likes a Glass-hole.

  Two whole days a month: the zombie apocalypse is happening and it started with two days a month. We all gotta look up more often if we want to remember how to live.

  With biometric databases like these at their disposal, I find it hard to believe that the privacy settings on my cell phone are what’s making it hard for the FBI to catch bad guys.