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23 October 2014

    Guys, this sort of thing is why we’re slippin’ on a global scale.

  Homeless people are not a bunch of lazy mooches, they’re people like you and me that don’t have a home, but do have more than one deck of cards stacked against them. Giving them a meal does not enable a damn thing.

  Today on When Corruption Goes Unchecked:


Rooms Image Source: Facebook via Mashable

  The chat rooms of yore are back, they’re mobile and brought to you by Facebook. Despite FB’s insistence that using real names is critical to online safety, it’s now cashing in on anonymity. AOL must be so pissed.

  Hope was reignited only to be snuffed out almost instantly. Looks like no one will be coming home, at least not any time soon.

  Marijuana isn’t the enemy.