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21 October 2014

    No one trusts the media and yet they’ll willfully restrict their own sources of news. I’m not the only one that sees how fucked up that logic is, right? Right?! (Insert nervous laughter here.)

  Today on How the Rich get Richer:

Bonus Link

  Just because folks have the letters D and R in front of their names does not mean they’re not trying to make a buck off of you. Spend your power wisely.


Hearing Image Source: Hilde Skjølberg / Flickr via Futurity

  Abusing your ears at one too many rock concerts might no longer mean that you have to live with the associated hearing loss. Let's hope science takes this from mice to people soon.

  To all those people that send me links about how smoking weed hurts your lungs I say: so do many other things that are considered “innocuous.”

  Science is a beautiful thing.