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17 October 2014

    I had zero faith in the Nigerian government officials handling this and I gotta be honest, I didn’t think these girls would ever be released. Sometimes it feels good to be wrong.

  It’s about goddamn time. Those strategically placed Band-Aids were not fooling anyone. Thanks for coming into the 21st century Starbucks and letting tattooed people be.

  This is exciting and cool. I’m still wary of big corporations having access to any of my biometric data, though. Maybe that’s because I’m old school. Hang on while I get my cane, so that I can shake it angrily at passersby…


Data Image Source: Thinkstock via Computerworld

  Nothing is truly anonymous anymore because metadata. Reality is still a bitch, though so you’re welcome to take comfort in that.

Bonus Link

  Self-expression is critical to survival and academic development. Words are the building blocks of that process and we all need access to them to start off right.

  Get ready to feel like an underachiever. You’re welcome.