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16 October 2014

    To all those that say organizing and protesting is futile, I present the following:

  Guess what folks; the Mexicans et al. aren’t taking you jobs. Now, quit complaining and consider taking that job that you think is beneath you before it’s no longer an option. It’s easy, I’ll show you how in three easy steps. Step one: identify your bootstraps. Step two: lift yourself up by them. Step three: recognize the intentional irony and sarcasm in steps one and two and you’re well on your way. If you need further assistance look to your nearest entrepreneurial immigrant for advice.

  If information and education weren’t powerful, they wouldn’t be under such strict control. Stay informed, folks. Find a way.

  FBI Director James Comey

Image Source: The Federal Bureau of Investigation via

  This is a tough one. We all want to feel safe, right? But do we really want to be open, digital books that the F.B.I. / NSA can access whenever they think we might possibly be guilty of a crime? Maybe it’s time the F.B.I. looks into beefing up its technology so they’re better able to deal with the rapidly evolving world of data security. They might want to start with hiring those elite, stoner hackers they made fun of a while back. The only thing I know for sure is whoever controls the information, controls everything and everyone else.

  Ebola is not like a cold or the flu. You can’t catch it if someone sneezes or coughs on you.

Bonus Link

  One of my worst fears is being stuck in a state where I’m aware and yet unable to move or respond. Today is a good day in scientific discovery on that front.