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07 October 2014

    When you let cops run wild, this sort of thing begins to happen. Ask questions, know your rights and challenge what you know isn't right. Hold the cops as accountable as they hold you.

  We don’t need more stuff. We need more happiness. Get out of line, put that iPhone back on the shelf and go buy yourself some concert tickets. Trust me.

  "Early on, it captured the hearts of tweens and middle- and upper-class families, but [the] iPad is now an indispensable part of childhood for the masses." Welp, looks like we’re going to have an even more difficult time teaching kids to look up from their screens and live.

  Fake Sondra Prince FB Profile

Image Source Facebook via Buzzfeed

  Don’t roll your eyes just because this is a Buzzfeed news link. Keep reading; this is important. Stealing and distributing private pictures / information / identities should be illegal even when--scratch that--especially when the feds are the ones doing it. Just because you’ve got a badge doesn’t mean you’re an honorary spy who’s above the law. Calm it down, cops. Just calm it the fuck down.

  Picture me “marking the WHO’s words” because I am. Our world is too small to not be anxious about another outbreak.

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  “Worse-appearing decisions?” It’s OK, to admit you’re human and make bad decisions too, doc.