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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

06 October 2014

    Redbox has come upon its End of Days. Tomorrow it will be no more.

  Watch what you’re plugging into your devices. Any device connecting via USB can now be used to hack into your system. Related: whom did we put in charge of developing digital condoms, anyway?

  Don’t worry; not working will not make you depressed. Not being able to fully retire until 70 might though.

  Don't Donate to the Salvation Army

Image Source: Rich Miller / The Indianapolis Star via the Associated Press

  The middle class give more to charity than the wealthy, even when on the brink of extinction. Shall we sigh in unison? To be fair, hanging onto hard earned cash is critical to staying rich. Be sure to remember that when the affluent insist we—the poor & middle class—increase spending in order to prosper as a nation. Fuck. That. Noise. Money does not trickle down--it folds up.

Bonus Link

  Rate your Uber drivers carefully. Four stars is not a compliment.

  Can we stop fighting against marriage equality now? If folks want to marry, let them.  Quit trying to project your religious beliefs, Conservatives. It's not a good look.