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03 October 2014

    The rich don’t always get richer through hard work and elbow grease. Sometimes they trick you and me (the non-rich) out of our hard earned cash.

  Ask questions and stay curious even if it’s not always a pleasant experience.

  Cool. It’s too bad no one is getting paid more in order to offset cost-of-living increase. Workers paid by the hour actually saw a decrease. Ain't that a bitch?

  JPMorgan Chase

Image Source Scott Olsen / Getty Images via abc News

  J.P. Morgan is minimizing a HUGE cyber attack. They have indicated that passwords have not been stolen, but customer’s personal information (e.g. address, telephone number, etc.) has been compromised. Nevertheless, representatives at J.P. Morgan have even gone so far as telling customers that there’s no need to change their passwords. To them and you I say: fuck that noise and change them now. Hackers with personal contact information can be just as dangerous as hackers with passwords.

  Facebook is sorry it experimented with your emotions and they promise not to do such a hack job of it next time, but they’re totally not stopping because the rent is just too damn high I guess.

  OK, show of hands: who else lied? Quit fucking around, people. This is important.

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