Thursday News Links

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

2 October 2014

    Twitter just spent 10 million dollars to have MIT figure out what turns a tweet into a movement and a hashtag into a tool for social justice.

  This is genius and genius is what upcycling looks like.

  I found the hybrid I want to replace my car—The Master Chief--when she finally dies. The Asterion is beautiful and it’s also the color of my current vehicle, so I feel like this is a sign.

  It started with a handful, yesterday it was 18 and today it’s up to 100.

Bonus Link

  Banksy pigeons

Image Source: Bansky via The Guardian

  Well, they’re right, it is offensive. I guess sometimes, it’s just too hard to look in the mirror. Removing this work of art is the real crime.

  Now you can find out what drug companies give your doctor money. Good to know when you want to make informed decisions about treatment options. Doctors aren’t infallible, so get educated and listen to what your body tells you.

  Don’t worry; that professionally written resume will soon be worthless.