Jeopardy Indeed

Last night on Jeopardy there was a category called What Women Want and it was as insulting as it was frustrating.

I could sit here and complain about why this sucks, but the women of the Internet have already spoken. They’ve appropriately flagged this as sexist, so I won’t bore you by reiterating. How about instead, I write a handy list of stuff women might actually want? You know, in case Jeopardy wants a do-over.


Image Source: @DJRumspringa / Twitter via Mashable 

It seems that, despite being a show for smart folks, dumb bitches just might be running things over at Jeopardy. To them I say:

Dear Jeopardy, Donna Reed is dead. Oh, and you probably didn't know this (because she was uncredited), but Reed didn't just vacuum in pearls and heels for the show, she was a producer.

I don’t like to hold grudges and I refuse to hate you, so I figured I’d give you some suggestions. In order for you to move from your 1950s fantasyland into 2014 reality, I’ve put together a more current list of stuff women might actually want. The videos are especially fun, so be sure to watch those too.

What Women Want v. 2014

  • Equal Pay

United States Department of Labor Statistics: The documents included here show the work done and the work to be done toward closing the pay gap.

  • To walk down the street and not get sexually harassed in any way
  • To not be called whores for wearing skimpy outfits
  • To not be called whores for being as sexually adventurous as male counterparts
  • To run more tech companies
  • To direct more movies
  • More roles for mature women in movies
  • To not be threatened with nude photo leaks when giving a speech to the UN about feminism
  • People to stop doing this:

  • For the world to stop insisting that our only value lies in our physical appearance
  • For the world to stop telling us we’re mindless fools when we outwardly take pride in our physical appearance
  • For the world to stop assuming we’re doing all the chores at home simply because we’re female
  • To be the only ones that get to decide what we can and cannot do with our own bodies
  • To no longer be blamed for other people’s apparent inability to focus when we wear tight clothing

  • To be seen as confident, not bitchy
  • To be seen as smart, not snobby
  • To be seen as a leader, not bossy

OK, I’ll stop there. It's overwhelming, I know. Equality entails so much, but don't worry. If you need more suggestions, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help.