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29 September 2014

    I’m unsure why, but I would have never thought pediatricians would recommend IUDs or other similar types of long-term birth control for teens. Maybe it’s because I was under the impression that you couldn’t / shouldn’t get an IUD unless you’ve already been pregnant.

  If you think your bank is dicking you around, ask questions. Make sure they know you’re awake and aware.

  Switching to solar sounds ideal. I guess the only real problem is figuring out how to pay for maintenance of “the grid.” Or, maybe it’s time to think of life after the grid.

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 Image Source: Dale de la Ray / AFP / Getty Images via The Huffington Post

  This is what power in numbers looks like (with a side of solidarity).

  Maybe Facebook users don’t have privacy at the top of their list of concerns because they assume they’re entitled to it when the log on.

  Just ‘cause they’re always watching doesn’t mean they should be, or even that they need to be, in order to ensure your protection as an American citizen.