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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

25 September 2014

    Today in our public relations class we’re going to talk about the importance of issuing a sincere video apology. Remember, timing is not critical as long as you apologize.

  Hi. My name is Jane and I’m a nerd that loves time capsules. Can you feel my excitement? 1901, people!

  The fact that Forbes calls Urban Outfitters a “hipster mecca” should tell you how out of touch Forbes is, but it’s funny, so here’s the link. Before I leave you to read and weep: a tip for hipster posers - get your vinyl at actual record stores (local ones). This way, you won't have to lie about where you bought your super cool vinyl tunes when your friends ask. For more detailed instructions try reading High Fidelity.


Image Source: Rennette Stowe via Tech Times

You don’t need a chimp as a pet.

  The rich get richer because they're better at playing hide & seek.

  Captain Obvious called again. He said he’s kind of disappointed people don’t realize that privacy is pretty much extinct. He said “incognito” mode only really works to hide your porn searches from your spouse or significant other, and then he hung up without so much as a “goodbye.” I think he’s frustrated.