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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

24 September 2014

    One country’s “traitor” is another country’s winner. How do you classify Mr. Snowden?

  The fact that this is the first trial of its kind, it’s 2014 and the Catholic Church has been a hot bed of pedophilia for quite some time, leads me to believe this is too little and it’s too late. Am I supposed to be impressed at how long it took them to admit to the problem? I’m confused.

  What the hell, NYPD? Excessive force is also a crime; it’s a violation of civil rights. Know your rights.

Bonus Links

Colorado Protesters

Image Source: Matthew Staver via the New York Times

  Not only is civil disobedience patriotic, it’s powerful. Well done!

  Apparently fruits and vegetables are the true fountain of youth. No wonder fresh ones are so expensive.

  “According to the Morgan Stanley economists, income inequality is stifling U.S. economic growth because low-income Americans aren't able to spend enough to boost the greater economy.” See? Told you we were all on the same team.