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23 September 2014

    The End is like an object in a side-view mirror, closer than it appears.

  Because we’re all self-sabotaging assholes at heart.

  All we are is a bunch of free market testers.


Earns Whole Foods

Image Source: Reed Saxton / Associated Press via The Huffington Post

  It is ridiculous that only people who are well off, can comfortably afford a consistently healthy / fresh diet. I really should figure out how to grow my own damn food--we all should. First we farm, then we code. This is how we’ll take over the world, y’all. Mark my words.

  As long as we’re not hoarding the money so we can start pointless wars, we should be OK. Besides, the only people that make money off wars are the people that don’t need more.

  Doesn’t look like enough people have realized that it’s the constant consumption of sugar that’s the problem and not so much the calories associated with said sugar. By people, I mean you and me, not beverage company big wigs. Those folks know all about it, they’ve made notes about it in the margins of their company reports. The beetus is coming to get all of us if we don’t change something--quick.