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22 September 2014

    Proud to be Americans and yet still confused about the separation of church and state. That’s pathetically embarrassing, y’all. The world has tried it your way and failed. We've moved in a new direction, and in case you haven't noticed, your iceberg is melting.

  It’s sad that my first thoughts upon reading this run toward skepticism with the same fervor office workers demonstrate as they run toward free food in break rooms. Then again, maybe old money is learning to change with the times. Try to hold your snarky laughter until the end, please—it’ll be more satisfying. Also, can we start calling this sort of investment strategy The Leo Effect? (Sorry, Mark Ruffalo.)

Bonus Links

  It’s not just us ladies, all of us should have learned to code. There, I said it.


Image Source: GameSpot

  I’m guessing the popularity of devices like these (i.e. Chromecast, Apple TV and others) is what’s making cable companies cling to this archaic idea of an “internet fast lane.” I mean, how else can they continue to increase profits as cable dies out?

  Glad it’s “contained,” but um…people are still dying—at alarming rates.

  Can someone explain what contained means? Please? I think my definition has been wrong this whole time. Gee, this is embarrassing...