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18 September 2014

    I hope you’re not one of the people that says they feel safer knowing the government /military are always watching our digital activity. If you are, read about how that can backfire here:

  Nice work! Now, let’s see if the government cares about our thoughts on that infamous Internet fast lane.

  I’m no rocket scientist, but wouldn’t it be easier to just have your business removed from Yelp?


Image Source: NASA, ESA, STScI-RCC14-41a via Engadget

  Nice hole.

  If the first step isn’t to develop a standardized process through which all police officers report killing a suspect or civilian, then it’s not going to be effective. Also, I wonder if this program includes building and maintaining a database of all the citizens killed by police officers. I’d like to keep tabs on this sort of thing and not just because I’m a brown person.

  Dear Facebook, you are not Twitter and you never will be. Please stop.