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16 Sep 2014

    That’s not even counting all the other governments that submitted requests for user information/data. Privacy is becoming a myth.

  Arizona’s government representatives make the state sound like a horrible place in which to live and pay taxes.

  It looks like states handle mental health care in much the same way the Catholic Church handles pedophiles—they move them from place to place until people forget. This is shameful.


Image Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images via nature.com

  I love when movies and science come together.

  I don’t think the NFL realized the impact women could have on their male-dominated sport/business until the Rice incident. Now that they’ve hired two powerful women to help them improve their image, do you think anything will change? Personally, I think it will take a hell of a lot more than a female lobbyist to right the NFL’s wrongs.

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  And thus why we still need things like Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage month. Until American history books are re-written to correctly identify and discuss the enormous impact minorities have had in the building of this nation, I’m going to need a special month to celebrate what the rest of us have done to make America great. I’m lookin’ at you, Morgan Freeman.

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    While Morgan Freeman has a point--and I too would love to live in his utopian nation, where pepole don't aknowledge or even see race--we're never going to get there if we stop talking about what divides us. NOPE.