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15 September 2014

    Actually, I think they’re getting a divorce so they don’t ruin their kid’s lives.

  Maybe they just thought you’d be too stupid to get the reference and/or too apathetic to do anything about it. Alternatively, they knew you’d get pissed off and used the tragedy at Kent State as part of a marketing scheme. Either way, look for the 9/11 University sweatshirt (with a camouflage pattern that resembles burn marks) next year.

Bonus Link

  Trickle-down economics didn’t work in the past and it’s certainly not working now. According to a report released Monday by Standard & Poor’s, "rising income inequality contributes to slower tax revenue growth by weakening the rate of overall economic expansion.” If this is how the wealth gap is affecting Nevada’s economy, imagine what it’s doing to the nation as a whole.

  cell lane

Image Source: PC Magazine

  Sad news today: we’re slowly losing the ability to look up from our phones.

  It’s amazing how little we know about how the mind works. Actually, scratch that, it’s awe-inspiring.

  We’re moving to Mars, y ‘all. Soon. Maybe.