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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

11 September 2014

    New solutions to age-old problems are where it’s at. Maybe the children are our future after all.

  It’s feeling like a good news kind of day, isn’t it?

  Captain Obvious just sent us an email. It doesn’t say anything, though. Looks like all he sent was an animated gif of him shaking his head. He didn’t even bother typing out SMH.


Image Source: Mashable Composite – Getty Creative, Reza Estakhrian

  Does this mean I can write about the most horrible customer service experience I’ve ever had and not worry about naming the car dealership that did me wrong? The freedom of speech is awesome when you can invoke it.

  The more we connect, not just superficially via digital “friendships,” but deeply, through open and meaningful communication, the better.

  Adapt or die!