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10 September 2014

    Why? Because the cable companies make enough money as it is. They don’t need to start charging information superhighway tolls. Keep the internet free!

  I wouldn’t panic, but I’d still check to see if your email address is on the list. You’ll find the link for that within the body of the article.

  Constant formation and destruction sounds a metaphor for my life.


 Image Source: David Fulmer / daveynin @ Flickr via Mashable

  Captain Obvious called again. He said moving people around won’t make them disappear. He also said that socially conscious travelers might be encouraged to visit cities that are known for their beautiful sights and their innovative homeless assistance programs. He said he still has faith in people even if a paradise, like Hawaii, doesn’t. I think I heard him weeping when he hung up.

  I’m unsure that I want to live 120 years.

  The next time someone tells me that the Mexican drug cartels aren’t America's problem, I will forward them this link.