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5 September 2014

If you were looking for a Band-Aid for that female-celebrity-nude-photo-leak problem, it looks like I found one.

Hoarding art only to keep it hidden away seems infinitely selfish.

Everyone on Instagram seems to do a fine job of capturing the mundane. Sometimes the images are boring, other times, extraordinary. Seeing the delineation of those moments, as documented on visual social media platforms like Instagram, is fascinating and I bet this is why.


woolworthImage Source: Getty Images via BBC News 

  I’m pretty sure this is the rule for everyone/thing. Most of the time, I think we refer to it as evolution, though.

  HA! The robots don’t stand a chance now. It looks like we might be able to avoid becoming slaves to computer overlords by becoming the ultimate computers ourselves. Hang on, something about that seems perilous…

  Well done, Technology, well fucking done. More information does not divide, no matter what anyone tells you.