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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

3 September 2014

    Finally, some good news, but only if you work out fairly regularly and aren’t a lush.

  Do you think the airlines are ever going to address how uncomfortable they have made the seats in their aircraft? You think they’ll ever cop to the fact that they’re making seats smaller instead of bigger? I wonder if they’ll explain why they keep cramming more seats into airplanes when they make money off food, drinks, bags and other things that used to be free.

  Dear Feds/cops/NSA, when I say, “they’re always watching,” I’m talking to you too. You’re not safe either. This is what happens when you scoff at hiring those elite, stoner hackers that you joked about a few months ago.


Image Source: via The Huffington Post

  Join the online protest because net neutrality affects everyone on the internet. Yes, I’m talking to you, buddy.

  Whoever said it first was fucking right: Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

  I’ll say it again, just for you, Turkey: you can’t stop social media. Then again, you probably already knew that, hence the hypocrisy.