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02 September 2014

    Dear California, their coffee sucks. Yours always, A former East Coaster. PS – You have a beautiful state, go outside and do beautiful things instead of waiting in line to give someone else your money for shit coffee and good donuts.

  I’m glad everyone’s worried about the safety of the cloud and no one gives a shit that these women were violated. This is no different from revenge porn and all of it should be a crime. My one question is: with the abundance of dick picks online, how come the only celebrity nudes that ever seem to be revealed are of women? Think about it, ladies. Think hard and get angry.

  When “the man” fights “the power,” we should all pay close attention.


Image Source: Thinkstock via BBC.com

  Don’t mind me. I’m just over here locking away all these snacks before I fire up Netflix.

  All food is expensive. Healthy food is unforgivably expensive.

  Hey baby, let share some microbes.