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29 August 2014

    I like that when the revolution finally comes, it’s going to be about something like legroom.

  Sure it’ll be awkward, but so are most initial sexual encounters with a new partner so whatever, right? Be creative, put some effort into it, and I’m sure everything will work out fine, kids!

  I should fucking hope so. I don’t feel like that little girl woke up and asked her parents if she could go shoot an Uzi that day. She’s nine; she had as much control over that situation as she had of that gun.

  Star Bomb

Image Source: BBC 

  Zombie star bombs sounds like the name of a band.

  We should all carry some cash. Don’t lean on credit, no matter how many points you get! Trust me on this one, guys. TRUST me.

  In case you’re wondering what it looks like to think outside the box, ask Detroit.