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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

26 August 2014

      We need to get on this, guys: “People are less likely to express opinions and to be exposed to the other side, and that’s exposure we’d like to see in a democracy.”

  If it’s bothering you that much, kindly ask your fellow passenger to return their seatback to the full, upright position, yourself, you passive-aggressive dork.

  Ladies, it’s time to brush up on those negotiation skills. Remind me to buy a book on how to improve said skills later, OK?


BKImage Source: Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press / The Associated press via The New Yorker 

  Loss of tax revenue--on a grand scale like this--should interest all of us, but as Kermit the Frog might say, that’s none of my business…

  I’mma need this, y’all.

  What could go wrong with a robot army in space?