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21 August 2014

    Hopefully authorities and those who aren't protesting, but breaking the law, have fully understood that the world is watching and those eyes have an impact on their situation. Let’s hope this speeds up the process of seeking justice for Mike Brown. #Ferguson

  "This is a problem that affects all of us and it will only be dealt with more effectively if all of us are working together on this." <- - - Same team, y’all.

  Highlighting the money this will save via “reducing the burden of civil suits against police,” is some impressive spin. I like it.

  To be honest, I would have been a little disappointed if he didn’t have $10,000 worth of weed on him.

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  Fuckin’ awesome if you hate spiders, huh?

  Pretty cool to get so much useful data from what was once considered superfluous, useless information.

  That’s a hell of a lot longer!