Wednesday News Links Breaking, But Interesting News

20 August 2014

    Excellent news for those of you that own or want to buy GM vehicles:

  Tear gas, curfews and live rounds. No one told them it was coming until they tried to go to work and school in the morning.

  Looks like excusing bad behavior with dollar bills just breeds more bad behavior and what’s worse…entitlement.


Image Source: James Tann/Flikr via

  Oh awesome, more bugs.

  COOL! Now, when will they become affordable so we can all put them on our houses?

  Back in 2002 I watched the video of journalist Daniel Pearl’s beheading and I can still recall it quite clearly. I wish I hadn’t watched that video and not so much because of its graphic nature, but because Pearl deserved to die without me ogling for entertainment value. James Foley deserves to have his death, life and work respected just as much as Daniel Pearl did. Consider passing on that video today.