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15 August 2014

    This feels like an excuse to me. How does the saying go? “If it smells like a scapegoat and sounds like a scapegoat, it’s probably a scapegoat?”

  Now it’s happening to the boys. Will anyone stop them? I’m lookin’ at you, Nigerian government.

  This is why I have a problem with “cussing” laws. Well, this and that whole freedom of speech thing.

  When the pentagon organizes a garage sale, they make mad loot and set the rest of the country up with a militarized police force. Turns out #Ferguson can happen in a number of cities. Is yours one of them?


Elio-MotorsImage Source: Elio Motors via Daily Digest News 


Cool, more cars for people to flip over, under the cover of night, at least in San Francisco. Angry anti-hipster hipsters are the worst.

  Dear Fiddy, thank you for making headphones that are extra useful and won’t make me look like an idiot when I wear them. Best, Jane