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12 August 2014

    The drugs are officially free to go to the people that need them. Now, let’s see if they make it there.

  Nice to know someone’s worried about people’s safety.

  …But who is going to teach the new hires how to not do racist things to begin with? I guess that job’s ours, society. Let’s get on it because we’re blending faster than a bartender at a margarita bar full of white women. <--- You’re damn right I just closed that out with some racist shit. Judge me or laugh with me—it’s up to you.


Image Source: Gawker Media via bbc.com 

  I don’t know that Gawker isn’t taking into account the safety of their female employees so much as those employees aren’t taking into account that they work in the filthiest place on the planet—the Internet. It’s a dank, dirty hub here and most of us that dwell here for a living know this all too well. If Gawker won’t monitor IP addresses then they need bodies in chairs manually deleting gifs, because if the gifs stay, the readers won’t. I know I won’t.

  Why do we insist on acting as if mental health care is not an issue we should be concerned with?

  Could it be that we’re all destined to end up collateral damage?