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Not Breaking, But Interesting News

07 August 2014

    This woman doesn’t even have a ticket and she’s good to go, but God forbid I bring a full-size can of hairspray onto an aircraft, in my carry-on.

  “Here, the people rule.” Here, the people rule? If only we knew we were all on the same team—every last one of us living in this great nation.

  A lot of things are “unsustainable” right now, Freddie—lots and lots of things.


Image Source: Kevork Djansezian via Mashable

  Google just flipped Amazon the bird, y’all.

  They’re even taking your Oragami jobs, guys.

  The kicker is that there are still people that will read this and think, “that would never happen in my country.” Greed isn’t good--it eviscerates good.