Thursday News Links

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

17 July 2014



I moved to California, not to a state called Silicon Valley. We can’t break up now, California, we just can’t.



See what I mean about mergers and acquisitions in “real” life? Told you the intergalactic kind are way better.



The European editing of the internet as we know it has begun to spread. Bing is now infected. I’m shudder to think of where we’ll be in 28 days.



Who will clean up your digital tracks when you die? If you haven't thought about it yet, you should.



Not only do cats make the internet 76% more entertaining, they can cure cancer.



Maybe what Facebook needs, is a facelift and, more importantly, a power shift? Privacy should be easier to control and I’d be more inclined to click on relevant ads if I didn’t feel like someone was trying to trick me into clicking. Lastly, it’d be great if we could all see what we wanted in our FB feeds instead of whatever FB’s latest moneymaking algorithm thinks I should look at. In other words, quit manipulating me, Facebook and I’ll consider not leaving you.