Wednesday News Links

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

16 July 2014



Us brown folk aren’t invading, because we’re already here. Deal with that reality while you try to solve the immigration crisis, will ya?



It could, but it probably won’t because this company has some seriously heavy hitters invested in its success.



Is the world finally beginning to admit to itself that sexual harassment and rape are actually wrong and bad? Can it be that we’re not just going to say they’re illegal, but we’re actually going to begin prosecuting offenders?



I’m still unclear as to why Senate Republicans want women to have limited access to birth control. Ultimately, that’s what this is about, right? Why does the nation seem to be regressing with regard to women’s rights? Why do I feel like I’m the only one that’s terrified by this?!



Everyone is looking to fuck someone else over for money. Can good business also be ethical business? Is that just a pipe dream?



Great, can the feds legalize the recreational use of marijuana, now? Please? That way it won’t be such a hassle to purchase. Additionally, it would be great if honest businesses (the good dispensaries / cannabis clubs) could more easily bank their earnings, subsequently feeding our malnourished economy. Win-win, people. Win-win.