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15 July 2014




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It’s too bad we don’t all deserve to be served and protected. I wonder how munch money I need make in order to buy my safety here in Silicon Valley.



It sends a message all right, the message that it isn’t America’s problem. When these people flee their native countries, they come here, which makes this very much our problem. These are people, not pawns and they deserve respect for having had the courage to flee horrific and violent living conditions in order to seek out a better life. Respect the struggle.



What the fuck, California? You know we need water to live, right? You do know we grow a bunch of fruit and stuff in our state too right? You understand we need water to keep the food growing as well, I’m sure. OK then, stop washing your damn cars at home and leaving the faucet running when you brush your teeth—it’s all the same water, dumb ass.



Wait, so they aren’t always required to tell us when they’ve had a data breach? But it’s our data! Watch our statements and your backs y’all, we’re on our own.



This is what it looks like when one undocumented immigrant stands up and takes one for the team.