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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

11 July 2014



Captain Obvious called again, log distance, from Nigeria. He said he just wanted to ask if you were aware that those kidnapped girls were never coming back. Uh huh, yeah that was it. He said to call him back whenever.



If you’re going to violate an international law, make sure it’s the one that will make you the most despicable: targeting civilians.



We’re not supposed to be surprised by these results, are we? I suppose it can't hurt to have a little scientific data to throw back at those that don’t think sex addiction is real. Shut the haters up with science, y’all.



You mean to tell me that you just now realized that iPhones can be used to track someone’s location? Seriously, China?



Please take a second out of your fantastic Friday buzzfest to look at these pictures for a moment--just a moment. Thanks.



Hopefully this sort of discovery is not surprising to you. To live in a word where you think that the pesticides and other chemicals added to food don’t somehow degrade their nutritional value is gullible, on the level of mass hysteria. Besides, toxic ain’t as tasty y’all.