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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

10 July 2014



Looks like Germany got sick of "them" watching all the time. A round of applause for the U.S. is in order, though, because it looks like we’ve officially achieved international creeper status. I’m actually pretty impressed that Germany fought back via the classic GTFO method. I must say, I’m respecting you a little bit more today, Germany.



On the next episode of Somebody’s Always Watching: sometimes they listen in too.



JK, looks like Crumbs is still living the American Dream after all.



Another reason we should have all learned to code. Maybe it’s not too late for a few classes...



The Matrix is real and everything is in code.



If only cyber security courses were free. If they were, then the unemployed folks could create a digital army. Of course they'd have to know how to code first....DAMN YOU, CODING!!



This congressman needs a crash course in identifying luxury. I wonder if he and his family get to revel in the kind of luxury being afforded to these undocumented immigrant children.