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04 July 2014

      Wait, so they don’t have metal detectors at every school?

    Ladies, we’re on the same team. Us before them, sisters before men < - - - whaaaat? Yeah, I said it; stand united, goddammit. Meanwhile in a secure location…the Nigerian government continues to strategize about how to extract the 200+ girls that were taken from their school during finals on April 14th 2014.

Bonus Link

    Wow. We should all look into familiarizing ourselves with our rights. The more you know…

    Another example of why you should always ask questions if something doesn’t seem right to you. Thanks, T-Mobile? JK, FU T-Mobile.

    Hey, Captain obvious called again. Yeah, I know, he’s annoyingly insistent, but he makes a good point. Anyway, he said he’s starting to hate politics too. He told me to make sure I conveyed his frowny face : ( as well, and then he hung up.

    OK, now that I’ve riled you up on a beautiful Fourth of July Friday, how about a moment of relaxation in the Caribbean? Join me? C’mon. Just for a minute. Let’s go…