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03 July 2014




I think I might be speechless for once. Yep, totes…



I am curious to see how this sort of thing will impact the number of fatigue related accidents on the road. Giving commercial drivers the opportunity to be pilots, where the vehicle itself takes care of the monotonous portion of the driving, seems like a win-win.



“Google’s decision to remove?” What the hell? European law was enacted that ensured they would have to bend to such requests. What manner of tomfoolery is this, European Commission spokesperson?! Explain yourself! Did you really think The Googs wouldn’t be inundated with requests from people that wanted to “photo shop their lives,” online? For real?



Hi Goldman Sachs, you can’t just break the law whenever you want just because one of your guys fucked up (no matter what you hear). Get a goddamn court order and hire people with more attention to detail. Suck it up.



I guess those of us that like to share information freely, should start working on ways to circumvent these thinly veiled efforts at establishing digital censorship. Put it on the To Do list, y’all.



I weep for the person that chooses an electric shock over sitting in a room alone and thinking. Get it together, people & do it quick, before you’re dead.