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02 July 2014



I hear what you’re saying, Europeans, but freedom through banning? That feels wrong to me, guys. Then again, I’m an American, who am I to judge hypocritical laws?



If you protesters really want to end illegal immigration you’ll support immigration reform. If the system weren’t already tragically flawed and woefully backlogged, we wouldn’t have busloads of human beings (adults and children) attempting to cross the border illegally. You guys do know immigrants would prefer to cross legally, right?

Also, I’m going to level with you guys for a moment; it’s not your job to be this country’s bouncer, that’s what the INS is for. Also, I heard the Native Americans want you to go home too. I’ll let you sort out that irony, privately.


It amuses me to no end that this man got a modeling contract out of one really good mug shot. I can’t wait to see how the men react to this on the internet. The dismay is my favorite part.



Get some sleep, idiot.



The dangers of allowing people to edit / censor the internet (i.e. the right to be forgotten) have already begun to materialize.



Before you freak out and catch that reefer madness, remember that better dosage regulation would likely curb this growth, since a lot of those reported medical issues stem from improper dosing. I suppose legalizing marijuana, at the federal level, would be a logical first step to improving regulation. Anyone else connecting theses dots that way, or is it just me?