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30 June 2014



Today, the Supreme Court decided it would be OK (i.e. legal) for your employer to decide if they want to cover your birth control with “their” insurance. Get mad, ladies, now’s the time.

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Hey, Captain Obvious called while you were tearing your hair out about that SCOTUS / Hobby Lobby thing this morning. He said you shouldn’t worry; you’re not alone.



I’m sure they care. Humans are still running that company, right? Nevertheless, I don’t think that sentiment was the primary motivation behind their digital manipulation. The moral of this story seems to be that nothing is ever free.



Answer: Probably Not.



Early Life Stress (ELS) can result in a person’s physical brain being altered, not just their emotional state. It turns out, we are like sponges when we’re really young—naive, moldable sponges.



I knew nothing of Slenderman until two kinds tried to stab another to death because of him. Being that unaware terrifies me. Wanna learn some stuff? C'mon, let's go...