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26 June 2014



It’s not the scandals. It’s the fact that the teachings are antiquated and subject to interpretation. It’s that we’re not afraid to take our spirituality into our own hands and decide what we’re going to do with our souls or lack there of. Granted, it doesn’t help that the Catholic church aided and abetted more pedophiles than I can count on both hands and feet, but that’s not really why. Bringing up the scandals, is just an easy way to get religious folks to wipe the hypocritical looks--of shock and dismay--off their faces when people, like me, tell them we’ve decided to leave the church. In closing, wrong again, Vatican.



The world’s oldest stool sample just lead to the discovery that Neanderthals ate more greens than we give them credit for. Brace yourselves. The new fad diets are coming.



Somebody’s Always Watching: German Edition.



Don’t let stories like this fool ya. Remember, it was also recently reported that us Americans save entirely too little. I’ll say it again and until I’m blue in the face: Spend your power wisely, y’all.

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When I point stuff like this out online, snarky tech dudes like to comeback and tell me that it’s bullshit. They say that they wish they could hire the right person for the job instead of worrying about being PC all the time. To them I say: Sure, the best person for the job should get the job, but when many organizations exhibit the same pronounced trend/pattern, it is an indicator of a bigger problem. Additionally, the assumption that not a single woman that applied for a top position at Goggle, Yahoo or Facebook, was qualified enough to do the job, is ludicrous. Furthermore, if a woman is smart enough to be a tech goddess, how likely do you think it would be for her to opt out of applying to any of the mega tech firms in Silicon Valley? It’s highly unlikely and thus your arguments are invalid, snarky tech dudes.



You know how we always make jokes about ripping the space-time continuum? Well, get ready for a space-time-continuum-ripping threesome.