Tuesday News Links


Not Breaking, but Interesting News

24 June 2014



Remember the woman in Sudan who was sentenced to death for marrying a man that was not Muslim? Yesterday, news broke that she had been freed. Shortly after, she attempted to leave the country. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it. She’s been arrested again. I have a bad feeling about this, you guys.



Why is it that Mormons and Catholics (among others) can’t stand the thought of a female leader? I wonder…



After all these years, Tetris still unites. Awwww. Hooray for digital nostalgia.



Looks like the Mars rover can now check Lunar Selfie off that bucket list.



If the movie Her had starred one of these robots as the charismatic operating system, Samantha, it would have resulted in a horror movie instead of a love story. I’ve seen one of these in person; trust me when I tell you they’re somewhat terrifying.



This is why you should be careful about where you get your news. (Don’t tell the Koch brothers I said that.)