Thursday News Links

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

12 June 2014



OK, guys, it looks like Facebook needs our help. Seems like they want to mine better data from us. You can help them better target their ads if you fiddle with your settings enough. I tell ya, nothing is ever free, y’all—nada.



We’re more connected and yet driven further apart, every day. I wonder why that feeling is so prevalent in the digital age.



Hide your black cats, everyone. Or, alternatively, bring them out to dance in the moonlight; whatever blows your hair back.



We all need to get off our asses and go outside more. Seriously.



Well, Brazil does have some pretty intense levels of poverty and crime, globally speaking. A celebration might feel like a slap in the face to some Brazilians. Soccer/football is cool too, though—the great athletic unifier, no?



Financial burden will break people, destroy families and snuff out lives it seems.