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11 June 2014



If Angelina Jolie says it, it carries more weight. When the rest of us say it, we’re feminazis. That’s pretty sad, but I’m glad she stepped up for the rest of us. Respect.



Looks like someone else knows that rape is always wrong—no matter how politicians spin it—and, it’s the Prime Minister of India. Time to introspect, y’all.



Be aware even if you don’t participate in this sort of thing, but more importantly, watch them because they’re most certainly watching you.



This is huge. A lot of educators just felt their job security pulled out from under them. Let’s hope that this gives better teachers the opportunity to secure the jobs they deserve.



I dunno, man. If Twitter is any indication of what will happen, noting is sure to be a big hit with Skins fans.



Remember, Google: