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10 June 2014




Imagine a place where unwed mothers are considered an “inferior sub-species.” Oh right, up until fairly recently, that was “everywhere.”



Are we ready to admit this country has a problem? Can we talk about how we need to change things in order to stop this from happening again? You should be shocked right now, but you’re probably not and that says a hell of a lot more than I could right now.

 Sobering Bonus Link:



In case you were wondering how else the airlines could possibly fuck you over since you already pay for snacks and suitcases:



That sounds like it would be pretty useful in extending our time here on planet Earth. I wonder if giant corporations will squash this or if they’ll allow themselves to be held accountable. I’m excited to see how this plays out.



I’m still waiting for the game that brings me back to the consoles.



I’m ready to keep asking questions, are you?