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04 June 2014



I can’t tell you how much I hate that the first company to do this is a Wal-Mart company. It’s a great idea that I wish another organization had researched, developed and put into practice first. Although, I’m pretty sure the bad hackers (i.e. digital thieves) will quickly figure out how to steal your information--they're a resourceful bunch. Anyway, who’s ready to get nanotech chips implanted in their forearms so we can store all our identifying information safely? JK, that thought still terrifies me.



If everyone supported American manufacturing, the gap would be a lot less cavernous. Have you bought American lately? The answer might surprise you.



Thanks, Google. I’m still eyeballin’ you though. You already know way too much about me.



The FBI & me: the only ones no longer able to decipher sarcasm from genuine sentiment. I’m ashamed, guys.



Stare into the image and imagine what’s going on in each of those galaxies, just for a moment. C’mon, it’s fun.



Wait, you mean employees are not doing as the signs and placards indicate and washing their hand before returning to work? Dammit, guys. <--Dear FBI, that was sarcasm.