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03 June 2014




Dear Weirdos,


I’m pretty sure that’s what the NRA was hoping you would do. Well done.


Kind Regards, Jane



That's about what I'd expect to result from our stupid, sexist logic.



So, seriously, how close are we to living on a space station? Anyone?



I feel as though people who mutilate and / or kill animals have a lot in common with pedophiles.

Bonus Links!

California Pelican with Slashed Throat Pouch Rescued, Culprit Wanted – natureworldnews.com

Reward rises to $7,500 in case of brown pelican with slashed throat – latimes.com



Here, let me blow your mind:



May cap carbon? Are you serious, China? Have you even seen the pictures of your air? It creates a thick residue! What the ever-loving fuck is taking you so long?

After Obama's Big Climate Proposal, China Signals It May Cap Carbon – mashable.com