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02 June 2014



This decision isn’t just “troubling,” it should be down right scary. What it does is tighten the noose, ever so slightly, around our freedom of press, information and speech. Know this.



Dear NRA,

You're too late. They’ve already freaked everyone out. Mostly, we're freaked out due to all the news stories about accidental gun deaths (e.g. NFL player's grandmother, shot accidentally, has died – Also, the mass shootings don’t help your cause either (e.g. California killings: Elliot Rodger's parents heard news of massacre on radio as they raced to stop their son –

Good work distancing yourselves / your organization from the gun nuts that vehemently defend you, though. That's just good business.

Warm Regards, Jane



Remember those Nigerian School girls? They’re still waiting to be rescued. Their families likely still aren’t sleeping and while the rest of the world and media might have forgotten, the girls still need help, NOW.



Yes, I remember. I remember it all! This looks like it’s gonna be a good one, guys.



Even Silicon Valley is trying to tell you’re they’re always watching.



Oh good. OK, now a show of hands. Everyone that still doesn’t believe in climate change, put ‘em up.