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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

30 May 2014



Two policemen refused to help find these girls, who later ended up gang raped and hanged. Shocking, indeed, but don’t fool yourself. This isn’t India’s problem this is the world’s problem. This sort of thing is why I’m a feminist.



Oh good, someone finally figured out that “affluenza,” is really just a made up name for another, very real condition called: entitlement.

Bonus Links! The same kind of entitlement that everyone’s talking about with regards to Elliott Rodgers, the UCSB murderer who killed six people and took his own life last week.



Well shit. This coupled with climate change and now I can see why we’re all lookin' for a new planet to inhabit. Remember in Independence Day when the president described the aliens as a bunch of locusts. He said they invaded planets, used up all the resources and then moved on. Well, we’re the aliens, guys. We need to get it together and find us a new home. However, let’s try not to destroy it this time, OK? Pinky swear?



Wait. I’m confused, why would anyone believe that CNN is reporting news?



OH SHIT, y’all…