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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

29 May 2014



The next time you think of feminism as a dirty word or deem it uncool, think again. Feminism is a movement, critical to women’s survival and development. Also, if that last statement comes off as hyperbolic to you...Well, there isn't much I can say to you other than, you should read the news more often.



Score one for global freedom of expression!



Sounds about right. My tablet is currently in a box and ready to be sold. People may mock my giant phone, but I don’t need multiple devices to read books and watch videos. Streamline yo’ shit!



Startling revelations in the world of scientific study! Don’t worry; more studying is necessary to confirm these findings. Until then, off to pornhub with you, young man.



Sometimes, the fact that they’re always watching, results in some pretty amazing stuff.



I guess they forgot we could data mine them right back.